People want portraits for many different reasons. Some to have amazing artwork of themselves to display at home or to give as gifts. Some have art photographs purely for themselves because they want to be empowered, to feel beautiful and connected.  It's truly amazing the impact on people's self confidence some shoots have.  Others simply want new, fresh images for their social media profiles or online galleries. Whatever your motivation,  we can create stunning images together that capture a moment but last a lifetime. 

If you are interested in art portraiture, please get in touch to discuss your requirements.  Packages start from £95 for a Bronze Package to £250 for the Gold PackageAs they are art shoots, it is about working with you, the client to provide a bespoke shoot and set of images that you will want to use with your social media profiles but will also want to hang on your wall as unique works of art.  

Tel: 0754 372 3745  |  Email: alandunkleypl@gmail.com

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